Last update: 28.02.2014

HC2 2012 Results

The Helvetic Coding Contest is over. Here's a brief summary:

  • During 4.5 hours...
  • 42 teams consisting of...
  • 114 participants...
  • solved a total of 242 tasks...
  • by writing approximately 15000 lines of code.
  • We all had a lot of fun ;-)

The contest problems are available in an all-in-one zip file with problem statements, testcases and graders.

Pictures from the event can be found in our gallery.

If you're stuck on a problem, we provide some hints on our solutions posters: Solutions for Gift, Crypto, Maya, Planet, and Prefix.

HC2 in the media

Article in the Flash (French, pdf)
Article in the Flash Informatique (French, pdf)

TV report about programming, with HC2 footage